Originally Published: June 12, 2009, for 1050ESPN.com (now ESPNNewYork.com)

Being a true geek to my very core, it is easy to understand why I am a fan of most everything that Guillermo del Toro does. He is easily one of the premiere special effects and costume design experts in the film industry and his directorial work speaks countless volumes about the depth of his creativity. Add to that his Oscar for Pan’s Labyrinth and his résumé speaks for itself.

It was for these reasons that when it was announced that he was releasing a vampire novel, what would be the first in a trilogy, that I had to jump all over it. Already a New York Times bestseller, The Strain is a thrilling read that is everything a vampire novel should be.

I was given the rare opportunity to sit down with this visionary media emblem and talk about everything from his inspirations for the book to how his work on The Hobbit is coming to the possibility of a third Hellboy movie. Check out the interview below!

Ray Carsillo with Guillermo del Toro
Video by Jared Bodden