Channeling my inner Jay Sherman, I look ahead to this weekend’s upcoming potential blockbusters. Winning the top spot at the box office always puts a target on your back, but I don’t know if the disease-oriented thriller Contagion, which took last week’s number one position with it’s over $22 million dollar opening weekend, has much to worry about from any of this week’s new contenders. Let’s take a look.

1) The Lion King 3D (Buena Vista)

In the jungles of Africa is a hierarchy of animals, forever ruled by lions who must maintain the Circle of Life. But the jealous brother, Scar, of the current king, Mufasa, puts plans in motion to usurp the throne by eliminating the king and his son, Simba.

Like all great Disney animated classics, the voice acting is superb, the songs are wonderful, and the animation is priceless. My only concern is pushing this into 3D now, but even so, I saw this as a kid and know enough people my age who have kids now that this is a perfect chance to give their little ones a similar experience to what we all had as children—to see this on the big screen in a movie theatre and spend some quality time with their family. I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see The Lion King 3D do decently well this weekend and if you have kids who are new to the film, I recommend you take them.

2) Straw Dogs (Sony/Screen Gems)

An L.A. screenwriter relocates with his wife to her hometown in the deep south. As their relationship begins to become strained due to the move, both are put in danger by some of the twisted locals and are forced to defend themselves to the bitter end.

Putting aside the premise of your stereotypical southern hillbillies looking to do deranged things to pretty girls, I can’t even begin to take this movie seriously because it has James Marsden in it. Every time I see him, I just keep thinking of the guy who made Cyclops a wuss in the X-Men movies and was the surrogate father of Lois Lane’s bastard son in Superman Returns. I can never see any geek ever taking him seriously in anything he does as long as he’s still best known for those two stains in the world of geekdom and this movie doesn’t look to do him any favors either.

3) I Don’t Know How She Does It (Weinstein Company)

A comedy that centers around the hectic life of one woman who is a finance executive as well as the breadwinner in her family.

I’m still trying to figure out how Sarah Jessica Parker gets roles. The last time she was even remotely relevant was when Family Guy compared her face to a foot (very fitting I might add). This is why when most actors get older, they go into voice acting. Take a cue Sarah. On the other hand, I want more Christina Hendricks! She is amazingly beautiful. Honestly though, even with a star studded comedic cast, this movie has as much fun written on it as an appendectomy. If I wanted to listen to a middle-aged woman complain and make bad jokes about her job, deadbeat husband, and spoiled kids, I’d go back to Jersey and have dinner with my mother. I heard about this movie once a while ago, and thought the producers had come to their senses and buried it after I didn’t hear about it again. So much for that idea.

4) Drive (FilmDistrict)

A Hollywood stuntman is underpaid and underappreciated, so he begins moonlighting as a wheelman for various illegal jobs. When one deal goes wrong though, a hit is put out on his head and he’ll have to use his skills in ways he never thought about before.

I’m actually really intrigued about this movie. It has a great cast of actors who I always enjoy like Albert Brooks and Ron Perlman (who every geek out there worth a damn is a fan of) and it’s a bit of a twist on your standard heist movie which we haven’t seen enough of lately. Not to mention it has Christina Hendricks (see above review). The real question will be how pretty boy Ryan Gosling does in the lead role of an action-oriented movie like this. We know he can do drama, but can he do his own stunts like in the role he’s playing? If you’re going to see anything this weekend and don’t have kids, I think this is the one to go with and is my movie pick of the week.