Amazingly, The Lion Kind 3D has taken the top weekend spot two weeks in a row and last week’s strong favorite, Moneyball, has had to be satisfied with a backseat position. Could this weekend’s newcomers hope to make a dent in the standings and overcome the re-released animated favorite and this instant baseball classic?

1) 50/50 (Summit Entertainment)

Loosely based on the true-story of a 27-year-old diagnosed with cancer and how he coped and overcame his disease with the help and hijinx of his family.

Normally a very dramatic subject, this light-hearted uplifting take on perseverance looks to see Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt play off each other like a classic comedy duo with Levitt as your typical straight man and Rogan as the bumbling buffoon with a heart of gold. Quick witted one liners wrapped in this heart-warming tale of family and friends coming to the support of a kid facing his final curtain should be a strong contender for your box office bucks this weekend if you’re looking for a laugh or something more light-hearted to see with your significant other. It also is good to see that Rogan might actually be funny in something for the first time in a couple of years.

2) Courageous (TriStar)

Four police officers give their all for their jobs and protect the streets as best they can. But when tragedy hits close to home and they realize that they may be giving a bit too much to their professional careers, their faith in themselves and each other will be tested.

Although the standard cop drama is not my cup of tea, this one looks to be well made with a lot of lesser known actors to help pull off the gritty real-life feel the movie goes for. Of course, it’s pro-Gospel message could give it a strong appeal in certain regions of the country and turn off large parts of others, but it is easily the least likely to do much at the box office this weekend because of it’s limited release in less than 1200 theatres (most blockbusters are released in 3200-3600 theaters). This sleeper drama could be a good change of pace from your standard action/drama flick, but if you’re against heavy religious overtones, then you’ll likely want to steer clear of this one altogether.

3) Dream House (Universal)

Soon after moving into what they thought would be their dream house, a couple and their kids learn of horrific murders that took place within the walls of their home and that the former residents might not have left when that happened.

Just another in a long line of films with a super-natural evil lurking in the residence, Dream House has mediocre (at best) written all over it. Even with real life married couple and acting powerhouses Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz starring, you have to ask yourself if the only reason they took these roles was so they could work together on a project shortly after their nuptials. There are plenty of better horror movies still out in the theaters or coming out in the coming weeks, so if you’re looking for a scare, you can find something better than this one for sure.

4) What’s Your Number? (Fox)

A woman looks back on her past 20 relationships and wonders if one of them could have been “the one” and if she let him get away.

I look at this and I ask myself, why? Why is Captain America (Chris Evans) doing this movie? Why do horrible rom-coms like this ever get green lit? Why must I bother even looking at this on my list of new releases? WHY? This movie looks beyond generic and has ‘awful’ written all over it. If you have a girlfriend who wants to see this movie, do whatever you can for her to avoid it. Cook her breakfast in bed, give her a foot massage, do whatever you can to escape probably the worst one hour and 46 minutes of your movie going life. Or maybe go rent some more bearable rom-com to appease her, but if you willingly accept going to th