We have a new heavyweight champ at the top of the box office and it is little surprise with the incessant PR campaign the movie had to see Real Steel as the big grosser last weekend with over $27 million. The Ides of March had a strong debut with over $10 million to take the distant number two spot as well, which was just enough to edge out the previous week’s top two, Dolphin Tale and Moneyball, which did fairly well with over $9 and $7 million respectively to come in at three and four. And I think none of these movies have much to worry about in terms of competition with the trifecta of new movies being released this week.

1) The Big Year (Fox)

Three avid bird watchers compete to see some of the rarest birds in North America and their rivalry hopes to lead to hysterical hijinx.

I look at this movie and it screams comedic potential, but I’m just not sure if all the elements will gel into something worth watching. Comedy legend Steve Martin teams up with Owen Wilson and Jack Black as men who are all rivals with each other in one of the most ridiculous of past-times imaginable in bird watching. Off the beaten path scenario with some great comedic actors sounds like a recipe for success, but everything I’ve seen of it so far says it comes off as too smart for a good chuck of your audience, much like a movie like Sideways. I would love to see this do well and will probably see it because I’m a fan of everyone in it, but I do so with baited breath.

2) Footloose (Paramount)

A city kid moves to the country where rock ‘n’ roll have been banned and his rebellious nature gets the better of the community.

Why? The slew of remakes we’ve seen in recent years is bad enough as is without making a poor remake of what was already a poor movie to begin with. Anything that revolves around dancing of any kind means I’m out. I’m sure this will appeal to the teener-bopper audience and 12-year-old girls everywhere will claim it to be their favorite movie for the next three weeks, but otherwise avoid this like the plague. Also, I think Drunk Hulk from Twitter (@DrunkHulk) had a rather apropos statement in regards to this movie: “SORRY FOOTLOOSE REMAKE! DRUNK HULK NO SUPPORT ANYTHING THAT TAKE AWAY BACON!” Well said sir. Well said indeed.

3) The Thing (Universal)

The discovery of an alien spacecraft at an Antarctic research installation leads to the de-thawing and subsequent confrontation of a monstrous creature not of this world.

Another remake. At least this one is a horror movie and Halloween is upon us, but still. Some things are better just left alone and I understand the temptation to re-do movies like this with modern technology, but from trailers I’ve seen, the special effects used here still seem to be from 20 years ago and are going more for a gross-out factor than anything that could inspire true terror. Good horror movies are hard to find nowadays because most behind the scenes movie people see them as easy profits, especially this time of year, because they’re cheap to make. But when the horror genre is dipping into the remake fountain as well, you know Hollywood is clearly out of ideas.