No surprise to see Real Steel to come out on top for a second week in a row last week especially against a pair of remakes, but it was a little disappointing to see The Big Year debut in 9th place. But as I forewarned, it just seemed too smart of the average moviegoer. With another trifecta of movies coming out this week, it should be interesting to see if Real Steel can hold off another remake and another seasonal horror movie. Here is this week’s movie previews.

1) The Three Musketeers

The evil Cardinal Richelieu has disbanded the legendary French fighting force known as the Musketeers as part of an evil assassination plot to further strain relations between France and England. Three heroes though know that they don’t have wear a crest to still be Musketeers.

Alexandre Dumas’s classic action/adventure tale is probably one of the most remade movies in Hollywood. I can think of four versions in my lifetime alone, but this looks to be one of the worst. Although a star-studded cast, including Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz as the dastardly Cardinal, is featured in this film, it seems to have gone too over-the-top with the classic story featuring insane technology for the time instead of any real swashbuckling and has almost a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen feel, which is something you don’t want in The Three Musketeers. Steer clear of this.

2) Paranormal Activity 3

Set in 1988, a pair of sisters are able to see and speak with an invisible entity with a malicious nature after their family moves into a new home.

Likely to do the best this weekend just because it is another cheap to make horror movie and Halloween is fast approaching, Paranormal Activity 3 looks to be the exact same movie as the previous two. So if you enjoy being startled by things that go bump in the night, there are just enough surprises and solid special effects in this to probably keep you satisfied and to encourage the makers of this franchise to keep churning these out on a yearly basis for next to nothing. If you’re not afraid of ghosts though, then clearly this movie isn’t for you.

3) Johnny English Reborn

The international bumbling super spy Johnny English returns to action in order to foil an assassination plot against the Chinese premier.

The least likely to do well this weekend I believe, at least here in the States, this movie all comes down to if you like Rowan Atkinson’s brand of movie humor. Lots of physical humor and awkward, zany situations will be seen throughout this Atkinson produced British comedy. If you like any of Atkinson’s previous work like Black Adder or Mr. Bean, the original Johnny English, or spy spoof movies like Austin Powers to begin with, you’ll probably get your laughs from this one as well and won’t be disappointed. Especially if you like sitting in a mostly empty theatre.