With no movies of any note released last weekend, it is no surprise that Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 has had the top box office spot for three weeks in a row, even with diminishing returns. This week though your standard holiday romantic comedy looks to try to capitalize on a slow time of year before the big slew of Christmas releases and see if it can’t drive a stake through the heart of teenie boppers everywhere and prevent Twilight from being number one for a solid month.

1) New Year’s Eve – Similar to Love, Actually from a few years ago, New Year’s Eve tells several stories of how a bunch of different couples in and around New York City find their romantic lives intertwined just before the clock strikes midnight.            

Not an original or even very compelling plot, this could appeal to some of the ladies out there and then have them drag their boyfriends/husbands along for the ride. Even though it clocks in a little long for a comedy at 1 hour 58 minutes, a star-studded cast with over a dozen Hollywood heavyweights including Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, and Halle Berry combined with the romantic comedy expertise of director Garry Marshall means there is a lot of potential for some solid moments in this date night movie. Considering the sharp decline in revenue each week for Twilight, and being that New Year’s Eve is the only big budget national film coming out this week, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was able to sneak into the top spot, and if it doesn’t all involved should be sorely disappointed considering how much non-stop press we’ve been seeing for it.