THE BUZZ: Bing has released a series of Top 10 lists today compiling its most searched subjects in a series of categories ranging from celebrities and musicians to technology.

Video games had a very strong showing as topping the list of top searched tech was the Xbox 360. Playstation 3 was ranked third and the Nintendo Wii was ranked sixth.

Other interesting notes to be taken was that the iPhone 5, which doesn’t even exist, but I guess enough people were wishing and hoping it did, came in at fourth. Apple products dominated the list overall in terms of spots taken as they also had the fifth spot with the iPad, seventh with the iPad 2, and tenth with the only laptop on the list with the MacBook Pro. The only other Microsoft product on the list was the Windows Phone 7, which took ninth. Rounding out the list was a couple of eReaders with the Nook taking the eighth spot and the Kindle taking number two.

No Google products made the list.

EGM’s TAKE: Everyone loves a good list, especially at the end of the year and especially us here at EGM (and we’ve got a few of our own special ones in the works as well, mwa ha ha ha ha), but considering that Bing is only the third top search engine with 14.8% of the search market behind Yahoo’s 15.2% and Google’s dominating 65.6%, you have to take this list with a grain of salt. And I don’t think anyone was surprised that a Microsoft product miraculously topped a list composed by another Microsoft product.

What do you folks think? As skeptical as us here at EGM? What search engine do you prefer to use? Do you search more about the Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3? Let us know with comments below!