THE BUZZ: DC Comics announced earlier this week, after filing for image trademarking, that in March they will be changing the company logo that will adorn all their media.

EGM’S TAKE: The new logo is replacing the “DC Spin”, which has only been around since 2005. This new logo is supposed to help herald not only the new universe that kicked off back in August, but the interactivity that comics are seeing through digital distribution.

The “DC Peel” as some are describing it, will not only drastically change the DC logo, which has only undergone a half-dozen minor changes over its 70+ year history, including nearly 30 years as the “DC Bullet”, that many from my generation are more apt to recognize, but also cater to the product it is placed on. For example, a Green Lantern comic will have a bright green peel whereas a Watchmen product will be black and yellow with a drop of blood on the yellow, symbolizing the iconic bloody smiley face from Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel.

Also, for digital comics, you can actually do the peeling yourself as DC has touted its interactivity for future digital issues and is really looking to take advantage of that growing market.

But does DC really need a new logo at this point? The Spin has only been around for seven years after a 29-year reign for the bullet. And for the change to be so drastic, I doubt fans will warm up to the idea very quickly. But, at the end of the day, as long as the logo doesn’t affect the content between the covers of our favorite comics, I doubt it will ruffle too many feathers when all is said and done and we’ll all start thinking of it as the norm before we know it.

What do you folks think of the new logo? Is it too soon to replace the Spin? Is it a bit over the top? And what about this catering to the digital distribution market? Let us know with comments below!