THE BUZZ: Star Wars: Uncut: The Director’s Cut, a fan film re-doing the entirety of Star Wars: A New Hope in 15 second segments assigned to different fans from across the galaxy, went live this weekend.

EGM’S TAKE: Started in 2009, the site has been collecting these 15-second snippets for nearly three full years now and have finally edited them together into a two hour and three minute full-length feature film that follows A New Hope word for word, step for step down to the tiniest detail.

Clearly some of the scenes come together much more nicely than others, but this was a project of love on all fronts. Whether painting their beat-up Sedan like an X-Wing, using crayons to draw pictures and using stop-motion animation, or using Poser software, each person brought their own flare to their respective scenes to get their official 15-seconds of fame. Aside from watching it on the actual site, the full piece is also on YouTube and has garnered over one million hits in five days and we’ve embedded it below for your convenience.