THE BUZZ: Activision and Radical Entertainment have announced the special items you will receive if you pre-order Prototype 2 from Best Buy.

EGM’S TAKE: Gamestop recently revealed the Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker ability if you were to pre-order Prototype 2 with them and so Best Buy made sure that their deal had to at least be on par with that.

If you pre-order from Best Buy, James Heller will have access to the Hardened Steel armor, which can best be summed up by Radical Entertainment Studio Head, Ken Rosman:

“Prototype 2′s Hardened Steel Vehicle Armor allows Sgt. James Heller to jump into any military vehicle and shrug off even the most devastating attacks. Whether fighting off individual soldiers, helicopters, tanks, and APCs or all the above at once, this upgrade provides Heller a defensive advantage as he goes head-to-head against everything the enemy Blackwatch forces throw at him.”

This sounds all well and good, but I’m concerned because if this armor is supposed to be as powerful as Rosman hypes up, does it stand a chance of making the game too easy then? Could this allow you to buy your way to some easy trophies and achievements? It sounds like the start of a slippery pre-order slope if you ask me. Then again, if you’re just playing the game to blow stuff up without remorse to begin with, then this will likely just help you to do more of that so I guess it all depends on what reason you have for playing the game.

Along with the armor, there will be a limited edition Prototype 2 poster while supplies last to go with the Best Buy bundle.

Will these items make you want to pre-order the game from Best Buy? Was Prototype 2 on your spring wish list before this announcement? Where do you typically get your games from? Let us know your thoughts with comments below!