We all knew it was coming. No one could stop it from finally happening. We’ve all been preparing for this day.

Details about Call of Duty: Black Ops II‘s Zombie Mode have finally been let loose.

One of the most popular modes in the franchise’s history, the Zombie mode has evolved to the point that in Black Ops II it is almost a full game within a game.

Featuring three modes in total, Zombie mode will feature brand new playable characters, new zombie models and zombie types, new weapons, and the largest zombie world ever.

Part of the reason for this larger, more expansive world for you to play Zombies in is the first new mode called ‘Tranzit’ (yes, spelled with a ‘z’). This is a 1-4 player co-op campaign type of mode. Depending on how you decide to tackle this will change the outcome and what goodies you may find along the way. Going it alone probably will yield some sweet gear that you can wield to mow down the undead masses, but working together with friends is probably safer in the long run.

The reason for the mode being called ‘Tranzit’ is that your primary form of transportation from area to area is a dilapidated bus that is somehow miraculously still working. As you progress through this new post-apocalyptic world, the bus is your way to get where you need to go as well as provide some temporary protection incase things go from bad to worse.

Also featured in ‘Tranzit’ mode are buildables. These are much like the items from Dead Island where you can collect various tools or equipment scattered about the world to forge more powerful weaponry or equipment as you progress.

The next mode is ‘Survival’ Mode and this is more akin to your traditional Zombies experience. Special one-shot maps have been carved out of the ‘Tranzit’ space and you and up to three buddies must survive wave after wave of the undead horde as you attempt to move up the leaderboards.

The final mode is the one that definitely has me the most intrigued and is called ‘Grief’ Mode. This is a versus mode where two teams of humans, ranging from 1-4 players again (meaning 2-8 total for the mode) will compete against each other to survive. The twist is that you cannot directly harm the opposing humans, as you’re all just trying to survive, but you can cause them ‘Grief’ by interacting with the environment around them and their base, making life for them more difficult. The last team standing wins.

Built on the same engine as the regular multiplayer, we were told to expect improved matchmaking, deeper stat-tracking, and custom games to be included with this mode. Part of the customization experience included turning magic items off, setting the starting round, or triggering the ‘headshots only’ challenge.

If you want, you can also check out the announce trailer for Zombies mode below.