At GDC last week, we had the opportunity to sit down with representatives from as they unveiled the latest addition to their ever-growing universe in World of Tanks: Blitz.

This new iOS/Android platform title looks to bring the action of the main PC game into mobile formats, while placing an emphasis on faster, more accessible play. Part of this mobile movement included scaling back from the main game’s 15-on-15 battles to a more manageable 7-on-7 format, as well as taking full advantage of the devices’ touch screens for movement, aiming, and firing.

The game will feature US, German, and USSR medium and heavy tanks, as well tank destroyers.

We were also told that would like to link Blitz accounts with those that are currently on World of Tanks when it is released (no hard date as of yet). Linking accounts will possibly provide rewards—such as in game currency—for players who perform well on both World of Tanks and World of Tanks: Blitz. Solid details on whether the folks at plan on following through with this idea will hopefully emerge closer to the game’s launch.

In our meeting, we also learned that the console project that recently acquired Day 1 Studios has undertaken for is still progressing, but no other details were available at the time.

What do you folks think of World of Tanks going mobile? Do you think you’ll sign up for a mobile account? What about the links between both games? Let us know what you think with comments below!