Everyone loves speculating about where the Assassin’s Creed franchise will go next. And there are always rumors swirling around ranging from Ancient Egypt to Feudal Japan. In order to try to get ahead of the next wave of rumors, we here at EGM decided to help out the guys at Ubisoft and pitch some of our own ideas about where the franchise should head after Edward and the Caribbean.

Scenario #1:
1990s Seattle – Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s rise to fame has been fueled by the Templars–and it is your job to put an end to it!

Creative Director, Jean Guesdon: Attractiveness…an eight out of ten. Viability…a two.

Mission Director, Ashraf Ismail: Wow. Do you have to make a deal with Courtney Love? Interesting idea. [Laughs]

Lead Writer, Darby McDevitt: Oooh, I don’t think Kurt could be a templar.  He’d probably not be an assassin though, either cause he was pretty pacifist.

Scenario #2:
1920s-30s US – The Assassins kidnap the Lindbergh baby because Charles Lindbergh is a high-ranking Templar.

Guesdon: No. But this is a good way of thinking, because you’re taking a cool event that we can add a lot more layers to.

Ismail: I can just imagine if we actually do it and we get sued. [Laughs]

McDevitt: Eh, yeah, I could see that.

Scenario #3:
1930s Pacific Ocean – Amelia Earhart is an Assassin who fakes her disappearance in order to disguise an upcoming attack against the Templars.

Guesdon: Could be cool. And it could be the biggest open world we could have, right? Flying all over the planet. But, we just introduced ships. Now we have to introduce planes.

Ismail: Alright, that’s kind of cool actually, that’s not bad.

McDevitt: Yeah, we can do that. Maybe like a jazz age, F. Scott Fitzgerald and all those guys.  Yeah, do like 1920-1935 or right before the war.  And maybe the game ends with the start of WWII.  And everyone’s like, ‘ah, we failed to prevent the tragedy.’  So, instead of the WWII assassins that everyone wants, we actually stop right when WWII begins and invert the story telling.


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