Shiny Pokémon are somewhat of a status symbol amongst hardcore Pokémon players, since they are so difficult to acquire. At least for one trainer, however, that’s no longer the case.

Known as dekuNukem on Reddit, this Pokémon player created a machine to automatically find Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon X/Y, and then give off an alert to come and play.

Noticing there was a slight time difference between how long the bottom screen of the Nintendo 3DS stays dark depending on if it’s going to be a regular Pokémon battle (11.4 seconds) or a shiny one (12.6 seconds), dekuNukem built a microcontroller that was then soldered into the motherboard of the 3DS. When turned on, the controller would repeatedly go through a process known as “chaining,” which requires a user to encounter the same Pokémon species numerous times in the same area before rewarding your diligence with a Shiny encounter. When a Shiny finally pops up, an alarm goes off on the controller signaling dekuNukem to step in and try to capture it.

Shiny Pokémon offer no real benefits in battle, but are known for their usually striking cosmetic differences compared to Pokémon of the same species. The best-known examples of Shiny Pokémon are Red Gyarados (instead of the normal blue) and Black Charizard (instead of the normal orange).

Personally, if it doesn’t help me in battle, I don’t really care what the Pokémon looks like, but I can appreciate dekuNukem’s ingenuity and dedication.

To see the device in action, check out the video below.