In an interview from Famitsu magazine, Tales series producer Hideo Baba shared new information about Tales of ZestiriaSilconera reports.

According to Baba, the game’s main protagonist, Alicia, is last in line to the throne in her kingdom, but that she doesn’t care as she loves her chosen profession of being a knight. He describes her as the type of person who has no problem putting herself in harm’s way if it can help her people or her country.

Alicia’s nature tends to be more serious, but the layers of her character will come through the series’ trademark side conversations and sub-events. She ends up traveling with the optimistic Slay—the male protagonist—but as is often the case with Tales characters, their motivations are very dissimilar.

While Tales of Zestiria is completely different from the recently released Tales of Xillia, fans may see early parallels between Alicia/Slay and Milla/Jude based on this description, at least in terms of personality.

The game’s story will also have a huge focus on dragons, a first for the Tales series. According to Baba, dragons are often depicted as good and evil, and are some sort of symbolic existence to various worlds. Where Zestiria’s dragons fall on the good/evil spectrum is still a mystery.

Baba only briefly touched on the combat system of the game, saying there will be a focus on “sword and magic fantasy,” and it will be an evolved form of the current battle system. He also teased a big surprise with the combat that he hopes fans will look forward to.

While we still have no release date window for Tales of Zestiria, when it finally does hit store shelves it will do so worldwide on the PS3.