Tetris savant KevinDDR is the first American player to reach the rank of Grand Master in Arika’s Tetris: The Grand Master 3.

In order to become recognized as a Grand Master, one must pass the Grand Master Promotional Exam. This consists of players achieving a “GM” quality rank during the majority of their last several playthroughs. GM rank demands players fulfill many difficult requirements and reach the game’s maximum drop speed level by clearing dozens of lines in less than seven minutes.

During the exam, a potential Grand Master must complete the final challenge of playing a minute’s worth of Tetris during a credit scroll where pieces turn invisible when dropped. Yeah, you basically play the game from memory as you build an invisible wall.

There are currently only five other recognized Grand Masters in the world, all of which are from Japan. To see KevinDDR’s historic run, you can check out the replay on his Twitch channel.