One of the most thrilling things about an Assassin’s Creed release is seeing how the world builders behind the game not only re-create iconic landmarks from the cities and regions they choose, but do so in a way that feels accurate for the time frame. With London’s tremendous history and potential, I give you the top five places I want to see and explore in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s Victorian England.

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Tower of London

Easily one of the oldest structures in London, this near millennium-old castle sits on the northern bank of the River Thames, and has had numerous uses over the centuries. Originally used as a key fortification on one of the main bridges into the city, the Tower of London has also served as a residence for the royal family, a menagerie, and continues to this day to house the Crown Jewels. With all the stories of ghosts roaming the Tower’s halls, and with its diverse history, one can only imagine that Syndicate would take advantage of this landmark—using its interior as the setting for at least some side missions, with the outside providing some perfect synchronization points.

Buckingham Palace

A perfect tie-in to Syndicate, Buckingham Palace did not become the official home of Britain’s royal family until Queen Victoria in 1837—who was of course in her ruling prime around the events of the game. Originally just a townhouse for the Duke of Buckingham, the Palace was built in 1703, and has had numerous additions made over the following three centuries. Besides being the current residence of the royal family, Buckingham Palace is world renowned for its gardens, the largest private ones in all of London. I’m sure they’d make a wonderful approach to sneak through if need be.

Palace of Westminster

Located on the Middlesex bank of the River Thames, the Palace of Westminster—where the Houses of Parliament meet, and whose clock tower houses good old Big Ben—may be the most recognizable of London’s landmarks. While it also once served as a royal residence, it is best known now for where all of England’s most important government decisions are made. What’s most fascinating is that the time period Syndicate takes place in coincides with the Palace still in the process of being rebuilt after an 1834 fire. While close to completion at that point (repairs were officially deemed done in 1870), there is still the potential for Jacob and Evie to work their way through half-completed corridors and hidden rooms, all while Parliament is in session. Not to mention that clock tower would make one heck of a climb.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

We couldn’t be talking Assassin’s Creed landmarks if we didn’t list at least one church, and few are as special as St. Paul’s. Sitting atop Ludgate Hill, the cathedral is at the highest point of all of London, looking down from above on all the people. At 365 feet tall, it was the tallest building in all of London until 1962—meaning it should be your most challenging climb in Syndicate. It’s dome remains one of London’s most recognizable sights, due to its domination of the skyline for over three centuries now. Often the site of many special and celebratory occasions in English history, it’d be surprising if Jacob and Evie didn’t have to infiltrate this structure at least once.

Piccadilly Circus

No, it’s not a circus in the traditional sense. In the case of Piccadilly, circus means “circle”, as in a round open space at a street junction, like a town square. Its location in London has made it a tourist attraction in and of itself due to its proximity to the shopping and entertainment centers in London’s West End. It’s this ideal location that means Jacob and Evie will likely be running through Piccadilly more often than not, in order to get to key areas in the game. And, although London’s Underground was open by the time Syndicate starts, I’m going to have to disappoint people by mentioning that Piccadilly’s own Underground station wasn’t constructed until the turn of the 20th century—meaning there shouldn’t be official tube station entrances near here in the game.