It’s been a while now since Pokémon Go developer Niantic began working with corporate sponsors like Starbucks and McDonald’s to help cross-promote each respective brand. Players are happy because it means more PokéStops and Gyms, brands are happy because they are now more prominently seen in the past year’s biggest mobile phenomenon, and I’m sure Niantic is happy because of the extra cash revenue this all surely brings in. In fact, Niantic’s relationship with one of these sponsors is even going a step further now.

Sprint was one of the first corporations to have sponsored content in Pokémon Go, with free promo codes and its trainer rewards program, which awarded points for doing Pokémon Go activities in and around Sprint stores that could then be exchanged for exclusive prizes like wallpapers. Those initiatives have been very well-received by the Pokémon Go fanbase, which may explain why Sprint is doubling down on the success it’s seen thus far. The carrier recently announced that it’s rolling out the Sprint Super Pack.

The Sprint Super Pack, which is valued at $50 worth of in-game goodies, is a reward for trainers who make the move from their current cell carrier and change over to Sprint. The pack includes Ultra Balls, Lucky Eggs, Incense, Lure Modules, and more. Sprint is also offering Moto E4s as part of the deal, if you need a new phone.

It might not be enough to get people to drop their current cell carrier outright, but if you were already in the market for a change, this could be a little extra incentive that leads you to your local Sprint store over another cellular provider. Or maybe you’re looking to get your child their first cell phone. Then that Moto E4 offer might come in handy, too.

The deal will run for the next month, ending on September 14th, and also comes at an opportune time if you’re interested in maximizing your experience with Niantic’s recent update on legendary Pokémon.