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Three years after the game’s release, players are still finding hidden messages from Calendar Man in Batman: Arkham City.

Julian Gregory Day, a.k.a. Calendar Man, is best known for committing crimes centered on holidays, seasons, and anniversaries. He first appeared in Detective Comics #259 (September 1958) and was long considered a joke villain until he was reimagined by Jeph Loeb in Batman: The Long Halloween. This more sinister take on the character would follow him into Batman: Dark Victory, the 80 Page Giant Batman Special Edition “All the Deadly Days”, and, of course, the Batman: Arkham series.

Locked away beneath Arkham City’s courthouse, Calendar Man would taunt Batman even though he was trapped inside a cell for the entire game. If you approached him on various holidays throughout the year in Arkham City, his dialogue would change as he recounted some past crimes. If you did this once a month for 12 months on specific holidays, you’d unlock an achievement in the game.

Fans of the game, however, have not stopped grilling the cryptic criminal, even three years since its release. After a mysterious YouTube channel—which many fans think is actually a dummy account for series developer Rocksteady—uploaded a clip titled “Arkham City Secret?” where Calendar Man was seen spouting never before heard dialogue before it faded to black halfway through, fans sprung into action to unlock the riddle of how to trigger it themselves.

Several days later, it seems the Batman Arkham Videos channel on YouTube has solved the mystery. By setting your console or PC’s calendar to December 13, 2004, and then visiting Calendar Man, the dialogue starts. The significance of this date is that is when Rocksteady was founded.

To hear the new dialogue, you can check out the video below, but it once again features cryptic messages talking about the beginning and the end of things. Could it tie into Batman: Arkham Knight somehow? We’ll have to wait until June 2, 2015, to find out.

Originally Published: September 6, 2011, on EGMMAG.com

THE BUZZ: Turn 10, the developer for Microsoft’s Forza franchise, has teamed up with 343 Industries to provide a unique experience in Forza 4. A special Halo 4 Warthog Easter egg will be featured in Forza 4’s brand new Autovista mode, which allows gamers to get a detailed look at some of the game’s super cars, and will provide fans of both franchises a chance to get up close and personal with the iconic all-terrain vehicle like never before.

WHAT WE KNOW: Turn 10 head Dan Greenawalt made sure to point out that this was an Easter egg meaning only the most hardcore of Forza 4 drivers would likely have a shot at unlocking the Warthog in the Kinect compatible Autovista mode. And considering you can’t drive the vehicle in the game (it would get smoked off the line as its top speed is only 78 MPH, but I wonder if a Ferrari could out run the bullets from its mini-turret), only the mightiest of mechanics might even be interested in going for it. An extra special addition to the Warthog Easter egg will be Cortana providing never before heard commentary as you explore the inner and outer workings of the vehicle.

WHAT IT MEANS: It’s not unheard of for a company to cross-promote with exclusive franchises, but I think it is actually a plus that the Warthog is not a drivable vehicle because when you cross promote too much, you might turn off the audience that is only interested in the primary franchise, in this case Forza 4, to begin with.