THE BUZZ: Young Vector Farr (yes, his name really is Vector, which is awesome in and of itself) is clearly a hardcore gamer in training. And his favorite games? Portal. He loves them so much that he had his father help him make a Portal themed bedroom/bathroom.

EGM’S TAKE: Aside from being adorable, this is actually an epic bedroom that leaves a few of us here in the office a little jealous that our dads didn’t help us make a Mario Bros. or Legend of Zelda themed room growing up (that and the fact the kid has his own bathroom).

The best part of the video (which is embedded below) though may come 1:10 in when poor Vector bangs his shin and he cries out “Glados!” as if it was the A.I.’s fault for making his room too difficult to overcome.

To see Vector’s Portal themed bathroom, you can click the link in the video, where he lovingly refers to it as his “Portal Potty”, with its Aperture Science labels all over it.

What do you guys think of young Vector’s bedroom? Do you wish you had a video game themed bedroom growing up and if so, which one? Do you still wish you had a video game themed room of some kind? Let us know with comments below!