Originally Published: April 6, 2011, on Comicvine.com

After visiting the Savage Land with the Hulk and his Warbound, Skaar decides to stay behind and see if he can forge a new path for himself in this wild and untamed wilderness.

The Good

This first issue in this limited series has all the elements of a grand Hulk adventure in it except Skaar is taking the place of his dad. Giant killer robots, mad dinosaurs, and an unknown entity that Skaar has unwittingly released and that could spell doom for the Savage Land fill page after page of this limited series’ jumping off point.

On top of this jungle action, you can really see Skaar growing as a character. He tries to test himself constantly, like trying to forcibly tame a T-Rex and use him as a steed, almost as if he is looking for some right of passage that will lead him onto a path he can accept. This story could be laying the groundwork for what could make this limited series also a coming of age story for the boy Hulk.

The Bad

As good as all the scenes with Skaar were, the ones with Ka-zar were boring, although necessary, to establish a different kind of threat. With much of the world becoming aware of the Savage Land, Ka-zar is trying to lead the various tribes of the land time forgot into the future and hoping to open up trade with the outside world. Some are for it while others are clearly against it, calling upon Ka-zar being more an outsider than a Savage Landian and that he has no right to even contemplate this.

On top of this, it was just weird to see Ka-zar in a full suit and tie while addressing various members of state from around the Savage Land and left me questioning his priorities as well. Since when has Ka-zar ever even had a suit to wear?

The Verdict

Although it was weird bouncing back and forth between the great action with Skaar and the political agendas being dealt with by Ka-zar, you could clearly see the direction this limited series is trying to weave for itself. I would have much preferred Ka-zar and Skaar to be working together though, like some epic team-up, instead of dealing with clearly different and separate threats and hope that they come together much sooner in the future issues rather than later.

It may not be the strongest start to a story, but you can see glimpses of greatness and the want to see just what this unknown entity is that Skaar and Ka-zar must face down and what the heck a Devil Dinosaur can do will make you want to pick up the next issue should you pick up this first of five.