Originally Published: April 6, 2011, on Comicvine.com

Reign of Doomsday continues as Cyborg Superman has turned the JLA Satellite into his own personal playground in an attempt to find meaning in his life by snuffing out Doomsday’s. Unfortunately, Batman and Supergirl are caught in the middle of their epic confrontation!

The Good

One of the most thrilling battles I’ve ever seen in a comic happens here between Cyborg Superman and Doomsday. Cyborg Superman literally attempts to throw everything in the satellite at Doomsday to the point where the satellite takes on the features of Cyborg Superman’s face and Doomsday KEEPS coming.

The most awesome part of this battle is that Cyborg Superman thinks that he has won after blasting away almost half of Doomsday body, not realizing how Doomsday adapts. Soon Doomsday adapts Cyborg Superman’s abilities into his own and becomes Cyborg Doomsday as he pulls parts of the JLA Satellite into his being as well and wrests control of the satellite away from Cyborg Superman, thus changing the outside to look like Doomsday’s face instead of Cyborg Superman’s. You can actually feel the fear of Cyborg Superman when he realizes what happens.

On top of this, you see Cyborg Superman’s thought bubbles and you realize just how insane his immortality has driven him and how obsessed he has become in wanting to be the one who destroys Doomsday in the hopes it can justify his existence, which was a brilliant way of giving more depth to this character in the midst of some tremendous action sequences.

There are also two specific full page spreads that should simply blow you away and that sum up the epic action that takes place in the pages of this comic perfectly.

The Bad

Batman and Supergirl are of almost no consequence for much of the comic. Supergirl is still trying to fight off her dark side and Batman knows the only way the good guys might win the day is if he can cure Supergirl. So while you have one of the greatest battles we’ve seen in some time happening between Cyborg Superman and Doomsday, you have a psychology session going on for Supergirl as she tries to cope with the loss of New Krypton and get over her dark self.

This break in the pacing was difficult to handle and had me wishing Batman and Supergirl were on the outside of JLA Satellite with Saint Walker and Starman who were uselessly trying to break in.

Also, if you haven’t been following the Reign of Doomsday story arc, this is NOT the time to jump into it. Although the action is great to see, you’ll be completely lost as to how we got to this point and you might not be able to appreciate how epic Doomsday has been over this story arc so far.

The Verdict

If you have been reading Reign of Doomsday, then this chapter is another stellar addition to the story arc and you will absolutely love how far Doomsday and Cyborg Superman go to try to stop one another and pummel each other into submission.

Even though it has some pacing problems, the only way I say you don’t pick this up is if you haven’t read the previous chapters and to that I tell you to go catch up as soon as you can so you can read this comic.