The quintessential monster mash

Season Three of SpikeTV’s hit series, Deadliest Warrior ends tonight with a pair of thrilling one-hour episodes starting at 9PM ET/PT. First, the French Foreign Legion vs the Himalayan warrior Gurkhas will kick things off in your standard Deadliest Warrior fashion by pitting these two historical powerhouses against each other.

But then comes a geek debate for the ages that will scientifically be put to rest as pure numbers will face-off against super-human speed and strength in zombies vs. vampires! Can the sheer numbers of a zombie apocalypse be enough to overcome the brutality of a traditional vampire? If all people become zombified and vampires are forced to resort to lesser food sources, will they be vulnerable enough to a wild pack of flesh mongers? It looks to be a true battle of braaaaaaains vs. blood-pumping heart as this age old discussion will be put the test as finally find out WHO IS DEADLIEST?

What should also be fun to watch with the season finale episode will be the live tweeting and audience interaction given during the episode by the show’s hosts and just what the guys will have to say. How will Dr. Armand Dorian’s human biology knowledge be tested as gel torsos will have yet to be seen types of punishment inflicted upon them? What new gadgets will biomedical engineer Geoff Desmoulin pull out to test these unusual and definitely not human characteristics? And what strategies could Richard “Mack” Machowicz come up with for a pair of creatures that often are depicted as having some sort of hive mind?

Outside of tonight’s season finale though, it should be interesting to see if this begins a slippery slope for the series and could lead to more fictional face-offs in the future, which I for one would be excited about. Could Iron Man vs. Batman be that far away? Or how about Superman vs. The Hulk? Whatever the distant future may hold for this always-compelling TV series, I know that in my personal immediate future, I am going to be sitting down at 9 PM EST with my TV tuned to Spike.