Well, I expected Puss in Boots to do well enough to be Top 5 as children’s movies always do well no matter what. But $34 million opening weekend and number one spot good? I admit to being a little taken aback by both that and the poor showing from Johnny Depp’s The Rum Diary, which only grossed $5 million. It might be able to bounce back a bit though this week as only a pair of new movies are coming out as we move into a slower movie season and neither one of these new releases really has blockbuster written on it.

1) Tower Heist – When a big business tycoon’s Ponzi scheme robs the workers of a building he owns and lives in of their pensions, they decide to exact a little revenge and rob his next egg of $20 million.

As much as I’d like this movie to do well, I just don’t see it happening. A star-studded cast headlined by Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Alan Alda, and Matthew Broderick and directed by action/comedy veteran Brett Ratner in an Ocean’s Eleven type of heist movie, but with a lot more laughs and a lot less underhandedness just seems like it could be too much for an audience to get behind. Could this ensemble come together and pull off something enjoyable? Maybe, but it won’t be from their lack of talent as much as a lack of solid writing that comes from people trying to balance out all the screen time for that much star power and it could keep this movie from making a significant impact at the box office.

2) A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas – Everyone’s favorite bumbling stoners are back in action. Six years after the escape from Guantanamo Bay, the two end up stumbling into each other around the holidays and accidentally burn down Harold’s father-in-law’s prize Christmas tree as they try to light up for old-time’s sake.

As much as I hate to admit it, these movies are almost like a train wreck in that you can’t help but watch and with having the stoner comedy market cornered for a good while now, it’s no surprise these keep getting made as Kal Penn and John Cho have basically become the Cheech and Chong of a new generation. Throw in that these movies are the cause of Neil Patrick Harris’s resurgence in Hollywood and that they are worth watching just to see what debauchery he’ll get in as he plays “himself” and, although I believe neither of these movies featured this week will strike it rich this weekend, it wouldn’t surprise me if A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas outperformed Tower Heist at the box office.