The golden rule

The Legend of Zelda is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and it is a big deal as few franchises are as beloved, or last as long, as this one. And many of us who were around for the first go around, remember how we felt when we saw that golden NES cartridge for the first time and knew we had something special in our hands. Since then, whenever Nintendo has had a big release for The Legend of Zelda franchise, they have made sure to do something that incorporates that original golden finish that has since become iconic for the series as much as the Master Sword or the Triforce itself.

In that vein I give you the contents of the Limited Edition package for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Although not as involved as some of these other special packages from other publishers and developers we’ve seen over the past few years, it isn’t necessarily the size of the box, but the contents, that matter. For the suggested retail price of $69.99, as opposed to $49.99 for just the Skyward Sword game, you’ll also receive a limited edition golden Wiimote with the Hylian crest etched in white on it, as well as the smallest MotionPlus sensor to date built into the controller as it is required for the game to work its best.

On top of this, you’ll receive an 8-track sample of the 25th Anniversary The Legend of Zelda Symphonies that were held in Japan, London, and Los Angeles over this past month. The shows themselves usually featured at least 15 songs, but this disc still contains 45-plus minutes of the most iconic of music from the series and is a must have for any true diehard Zelda fan and might make you want to go grab a shield and sword and save a princess yourself!

So for only an extra $20, you get a limited edition golden controller and a soundtrack CD for one of the greatest video game scores of all-time. Well, consider me sold because that sounds like a bargain no matter how you cut it.

What do you folks think of this limited edition bundle? Will you drop the extra $20 for the CD and controller? How do you think Skyward Sword will compare to other titles in the franchise? Were you able to attend the special symphonies that were held around the world? How important is game music to you, especially for a franchise like The Legend of Zelda? Sound off below!