Being that it is Thanksgiving weekend, ADMIT ONE is coming out a little early this week in anticipation for this week’s movies. Last week, no surprise came with Breaking Dawn running away with the box office with a staggering $138 million opening weekened. I doubt it’ll have much competition in the near future, but as we start to see a bevy of family films centered around the holidays coming out, I doubt it will have as long a run at number one as it could have had it came out during a quieter time of year.

1) Arthur Christmas – When one child is forgotten on Christmas Eve, it is up to Santa’s youngest son to remind everyone what the spirit is all about and use his dad’s high-tech operation to save the day.

This movie actually has a lot of potential as a holiday animated classic as it looks to bring some classic holiday cheer with a little 21st century know how. The animation looks spectacular and when you cap that off with an all-star cast of British actors like Bill Nighy, James MacAvoy, and Hugh Laurie, this movie has a chance to be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Unfortunately, it has some very stiff competition this weekend and I don’t see it doing better than barely cracking the Top 5, but being the holiday season, it might have a bit more longevity than some other movies coming out and could stay there right up until the New Year.

2) Hugo – Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan must figure out clues left behind by his late father involving the train station in resides in an automaton.

This movie came about for the simple reason that Martin Scorsese was asked by his wife to make a movie his daughter could finally go see in theatres. Combine this with his urge to do a tribute of sorts to Georges Meiles, the French cinematographer of the early 20th century who is considered the patron saint basically of movie special effects, and you look to have what could be the visual spectacular of the holiday season. The meaning behind the film will be lost by most patrons though and all in all seems like a solid kids movie, but I wonder if Scorsese’s tendency for nuance and sub plot will creep up into this film and lose much of its intended audience. Either way, the effects look spectacular and when you have Sir Ben Kingsley spearheading your cast, how wrong can you really go?

3) The Muppets – When the infamous Muppet Show theatre is scheduled to be demolished, the old gang rallies together to put on the wackiest telethon ever devised in hopes of purchasing the theatre and saving it from the bulldozer’s path.

I think this will take the number two spot hands down as this is a movie both adults and children will want to see. Our own Paul Semel gave it a glowing review and it only solidifies my viewpoint that this movie is the first in a long time that the entire family can enjoy. Some jokes may go over the kids’ heads, but that has always been the Muppets way, non-threatening infantile humor for the children with some more intelligent humor for the adults that doesn’t offend anyone. I personally cannot wait to see this and highly recommended this as your Thanksgiving weekend pick of all the new movies coming out. Thank you Jason Segel for bringing the Muppets back.