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Being that it is Thanksgiving weekend, ADMIT ONE is coming out a little early this week in anticipation for this week’s movies. Last week, no surprise came with Breaking Dawn running away with the box office with a staggering $138 million opening weekened. I doubt it’ll have much competition in the near future, but as we start to see a bevy of family films centered around the holidays coming out, I doubt it will have as long a run at number one as it could have had it came out during a quieter time of year.

1) Arthur Christmas – When one child is forgotten on Christmas Eve, it is up to Santa’s youngest son to remind everyone what the spirit is all about and use his dad’s high-tech operation to save the day.

This movie actually has a lot of potential as a holiday animated classic as it looks to bring some classic holiday cheer with a little 21st century know how. The animation looks spectacular and when you cap that off with an all-star cast of British actors like Bill Nighy, James MacAvoy, and Hugh Laurie, this movie has a chance to be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Unfortunately, it has some very stiff competition this weekend and I don’t see it doing better than barely cracking the Top 5, but being the holiday season, it might have a bit more longevity than some other movies coming out and could stay there right up until the New Year.

2) Hugo – Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan must figure out clues left behind by his late father involving the train station in resides in an automaton.

This movie came about for the simple reason that Martin Scorsese was asked by his wife to make a movie his daughter could finally go see in theatres. Combine this with his urge to do a tribute of sorts to Georges Meiles, the French cinematographer of the early 20th century who is considered the patron saint basically of movie special effects, and you look to have what could be the visual spectacular of the holiday season. The meaning behind the film will be lost by most patrons though and all in all seems like a solid kids movie, but I wonder if Scorsese’s tendency for nuance and sub plot will creep up into this film and lose much of its intended audience. Either way, the effects look spectacular and when you have Sir Ben Kingsley spearheading your cast, how wrong can you really go?

3) The Muppets – When the infamous Muppet Show theatre is scheduled to be demolished, the old gang rallies together to put on the wackiest telethon ever devised in hopes of purchasing the theatre and saving it from the bulldozer’s path.

I think this will take the number two spot hands down as this is a movie both adults and children will want to see. Our own Paul Semel gave it a glowing review and it only solidifies my viewpoint that this movie is the first in a long time that the entire family can enjoy. Some jokes may go over the kids’ heads, but that has always been the Muppets way, non-threatening infantile humor for the children with some more intelligent humor for the adults that doesn’t offend anyone. I personally cannot wait to see this and highly recommended this as your Thanksgiving weekend pick of all the new movies coming out. Thank you Jason Segel for bringing the Muppets back.

No surprise to see that Immortals was the one to take down Puss in Boots as the number one movie as it grossed $32 million, but I was surprised to see it slip to third and that Adam Sandler’s latest comedy, Jack and Jill just squeezed on by into the number two spot with a strong $25 million opening weekend. I guess guys in drag is still funny to most people. Of course, this is all going to change this coming weekend.

1) Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 – A vampire knocks up a human chick and ticks off a bunch of wussie werewolves.

For the same reason that comic book movies do so well during their run, so do these teenie bopper suck fests (pun intended). Because their target audience is so enamored with the characters, that they’ll see the movie multiple times. Every girl between 13 and 30 this weekend will likely see this movie a half dozen times and think it’s the greatest thing ever. I would rather shoot myself in the face. But no matter what my silent protest would do, this movie will still claim the number one spot with ease. I’m sorry, I was raised to be afraid of vampires and werewolves.


2) Happy Feet Two – The dancing penguins from the first movie return and look to help a little penguin find his groove while also protecting their frozen home from a new threat.

Being a kid’s movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was able to steal the number two spot because another key movie audience, little kids and dragged along parents, will see this over the teen angst vampire garbage above. An all-star voice cast featuring Elijah Wood and Robin Williams highlights a movie that fans of the first will likely enjoy just as much. Don’t expect me dancing my way out of the theatre though. Although I’d still see this sooner than Twilight.


Puss in Boots continues to look strong after posting another $33 million last weekend after its $34 million opening weekend to claim the number one spot once again. Tower Heist and A Very Harold and Kumor 3D Christmas debuted strongly though last week with Tower Heist raking in $24 million for the number two spot and Harold and Kumar coming in third at just under $13 million. Don’t expect this top three to remain the same though as some strong contenders are coming out this weekend.

1) J. Edgar – A historical epic about one of the most powerful men of the 20th century. J. Edgar Hoover was the first head of the FBI and served there for almost 50 years, but kept possibly his own secrets better than anything the U.S. government ever wanted hidden.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the titular J. Edgar Hoover as we see this movie cover much of the man’s adult life from when the FBI is first formed to his final hours. DiCaprio has shown often enough before that he is definitely the man for the job if you want someone playing a historically polarizing or iconic character. His acting chops combined with Clint Eastwood’s own stellar track record for directing movies of this gritty ilk make for a powerhouse combination that should easily earn your bucks this weekend if you’re looking for some drama. Of course, this also had a limited opening two days ago, so you might have already been lucky enough to see this if you live in or near a large city, but for the rest of us, the time to see this is now!

2) Immortals – Revolving around the story of Theseus, one of Greek Mythology’s greatest heroes and the fictional found of Athens, Immortals tells the tale of how he was chosen by Zeus to quell the threat of the evil King Hyperion, better known as the Titan of Light, who is determined to find a mythical doomsday weapon in order to wipe out humanity and free his enslaved Titan brethren.

Greek mythology is always hit or miss when translated to the movies, but Immortals looks to have learned from the mistakes of the Sam Worthington Clash of the Titans remake and is focusing in on the bare bones of this classic story with the conflict between man, the gods, and the Titans, and letting Henry Cavill, who plays Theseus, and Mickey Rourke, who plays Hyperion, to just do their thing on camera. Expect a lot of great special effects and 300-like action as this fantasy action/drama could surprise a lot of people if the geek audience comes out and supports it.

3) Jack and Jill – Jack Sadelstein prepares for the one event a year he dreads more than anything: seeing his overbearing twin sister, Jill, for the holidays. When she refuses to leave though, things go from bad to worse as Jack tries to devise ways to make her want to leave.

I want this movie to be good. I remember how much I used to look forward to Adam Sandler movies coming out in the theater. Unfortunately, this looks like much of what we’ve seen from the SNL alum in recent years. An already tried and tested formula comedy that has been beaten to death so that when Sandler sinks his teeth into it, we’re tired of it even before he’s done promoting the damn thing. And having him dress up in drag only makes it worse. Although many of Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions regulars are sure to be in the film, you also have cameos from some of Hollywood’s elite and seeing guys like Al Pacino in very unusual roles for them could offer some shock value humor, but otherwise I don’t see this movie being anything special for Sandler and company.