Puss in Boots continues to look strong after posting another $33 million last weekend after its $34 million opening weekend to claim the number one spot once again. Tower Heist and A Very Harold and Kumor 3D Christmas debuted strongly though last week with Tower Heist raking in $24 million for the number two spot and Harold and Kumar coming in third at just under $13 million. Don’t expect this top three to remain the same though as some strong contenders are coming out this weekend.

1) J. Edgar – A historical epic about one of the most powerful men of the 20th century. J. Edgar Hoover was the first head of the FBI and served there for almost 50 years, but kept possibly his own secrets better than anything the U.S. government ever wanted hidden.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the titular J. Edgar Hoover as we see this movie cover much of the man’s adult life from when the FBI is first formed to his final hours. DiCaprio has shown often enough before that he is definitely the man for the job if you want someone playing a historically polarizing or iconic character. His acting chops combined with Clint Eastwood’s own stellar track record for directing movies of this gritty ilk make for a powerhouse combination that should easily earn your bucks this weekend if you’re looking for some drama. Of course, this also had a limited opening two days ago, so you might have already been lucky enough to see this if you live in or near a large city, but for the rest of us, the time to see this is now!

2) Immortals – Revolving around the story of Theseus, one of Greek Mythology’s greatest heroes and the fictional found of Athens, Immortals tells the tale of how he was chosen by Zeus to quell the threat of the evil King Hyperion, better known as the Titan of Light, who is determined to find a mythical doomsday weapon in order to wipe out humanity and free his enslaved Titan brethren.

Greek mythology is always hit or miss when translated to the movies, but Immortals looks to have learned from the mistakes of the Sam Worthington Clash of the Titans remake and is focusing in on the bare bones of this classic story with the conflict between man, the gods, and the Titans, and letting Henry Cavill, who plays Theseus, and Mickey Rourke, who plays Hyperion, to just do their thing on camera. Expect a lot of great special effects and 300-like action as this fantasy action/drama could surprise a lot of people if the geek audience comes out and supports it.

3) Jack and Jill – Jack Sadelstein prepares for the one event a year he dreads more than anything: seeing his overbearing twin sister, Jill, for the holidays. When she refuses to leave though, things go from bad to worse as Jack tries to devise ways to make her want to leave.

I want this movie to be good. I remember how much I used to look forward to Adam Sandler movies coming out in the theater. Unfortunately, this looks like much of what we’ve seen from the SNL alum in recent years. An already tried and tested formula comedy that has been beaten to death so that when Sandler sinks his teeth into it, we’re tired of it even before he’s done promoting the damn thing. And having him dress up in drag only makes it worse. Although many of Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions regulars are sure to be in the film, you also have cameos from some of Hollywood’s elite and seeing guys like Al Pacino in very unusual roles for them could offer some shock value humor, but otherwise I don’t see this movie being anything special for Sandler and company.