Ubisoft reports that their Q2 fiscal sales exceeded their projections by 46 percent this year.

Ubisoft’s second fiscal quarter, which lasts from July 1-September 30, netted the company 124.1 million euros ($156.6 million dollars). While this marks a decline year over year by 43 percent, it exceeded their original 85 million euro predictions.

Ubisoft’s total year over year earnings up this point are up by 65 percent at this point, attributed by the company to strong continued sales of Watch_Dogs, which launched in their fiscal Q1. There has also been a 90.4 percent increase in digital revenue in the first half of this year compared to last year.

“The very strong momentum we saw at the beginning of the fiscal year carried on into the second quarter and enabled us to once again exceed our performance expectations,” Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said. “Ubisoft continued to capitalize on the popularity of new consoles, the successful launch of Watch Dogs, the quality of its back catalog and the considerable growth of the digital segment. Consequently, our operating income and cash flows improved significantly during the period.”

Reported sales by platform indicate that 21 percent of Ubisoft’s quarterly revenue came on PS4, 19 percent on PS3, 17 percent on PC, 16 percent on Xbox 360, and Xbox One brings up the rear with nine percent.