For the first time since they merged their gaming and Internet divisions back in 2009, the Interactive division of Disney finally turned an annual profit, the company announced this morning.

Attributing a large amount of the success to last August’s release of Disney Infinity, the company’s financial year, ended September 27, 2014, saw a $116 million dollar profit, with three million starter packs of the near-field communication game having been sold by April 2014.

Disney Infinity can’t take all the credit for this financial turnaround, though. Back in March 2014, Disney cut its overhead by nearly a quarter when it laid off 700 employees. Some of the fiscal success also comes from new mobile efforts for the company, like Frozen Free Fall.

“We are very pleased with the results of the first installment of [Disney Infinity] and we feel good about the launch of the second installment thus far,” said Disney Interactive President James Pitaro during an investors conference call this week. “But we will have a better sense of overall performance as we enter the holiday season.”

It was also noted in the financial statement that Disney Infinity 2.0’s shorter window ahead of the fiscal year’s end helped offset that quarter’s profits, although their Q4 was still $18 million in the black for Disney, which is $2 million more year over year for the company.