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I had a chance to go hands-on with the brand new Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress DLC recently and was able to put Rico’s new Bavarium powered wingsuit through its paces. As you can see in the hands-on video above, the wingsuit is equipped with a jetpack, rocket launcher, and machine guns, basically turning Rico into a mini-fighter jet. You can also take everything you acquire in the DLC into the main game of Just Cause 3, meaning that new wingsuit can be used to take out bases on land as well as the new Eden Airship over the western skies of Medici.

The Sky Fortress DLC is the first of three DLC packs for Just Cause 3, and will be available on consoles and PC sometime in March. It will be followed by the Land and Sea DLC featuring mech-suits and a heist on the high seas—completing the Air, Land, and Sea expansion pack for the game—by the end of the summer.

Just Cause 3 may try to bring mods to consoles at some point according to an interview Avalanche Studios game director Roland Lesterlin had with GameSpot.

Just Cause as a franchise has some hardcore modding communities and it’s part of the reason why even though its first two games might not have shipped in the best of conditions, they still hold a strong place in people’s hearts. In fact, as many as 500,000 people still consistently play Just Cause 2 every month.

Because of this, when asked if Just Cause 3 would go the Fallout 4 route and also try to bring their mods to the new generation of consoles, Lesterlin didn’t rule out the possibility.

“We’ve been wanting to do that stuff for a while,” he responded. “We’re not announcing anything there yet, but… we would want to support [mods] as much as possible.”

Hard to say for sure as Lesterlin was intentionally vague, but it sounds like something may be in the works. For more on Just Cause 3, check out my hands-on preview of the game from E3.

Just Cause 3 will drop December 1 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

During E3 2015, I had a chance to talk to principal designer Francesco Antolini for Walmart Gamecenter about Avalanche Studios’ upcoming open-world game Just Cause 3!

The Just Cause series is known for its over-the-top, insane action sequences that see protagonist Rico Rodriguez wreak havoc across lands plagued by despotic regimes. Rocket launchers, C4, machine guns and other weapons are often perfectly suitable means for Rico to go about his business causing mayhem, but in Just Cause 3 his classic grappling hook might trump them all.

In Just Cause 2, Rico could tether two objects together and cause them to snap into one another, like explosive barrels to soldiers, to help Rico achieve his objectives, especially if running low on traditional ammo. Just Cause 3 has enhanced Rico’s grappling hook to a degree that explosive barrels and soldiers is thinking far too small.

While I played the game, I discovered two new attributes to the grappling hook. First, Rico can fire up to three grappling hooks at one time., allowing him to manipulate larger objects in the environment. Second, the grappling hooks start off with slack, but you can control the tension with the right stick of your controller. Thus, you can properly place your hooks before trying to take down a large object, or set traps in areas where you know enemies might soon arrive.

At first, I used these mechanics to take down statues of Medici’s dictator, General Di Ravello. Statues are just one of many destructible objects in the environment, and they must be destroyed to free Medici from Di Ravello’s rule. I fired my three hooks at Ravello’s face, which was as large as Rico’s torso, and connected them to the ground below. As I cranked up the wires, the full body statue began to crack around its kneecaps. Then it started to twist and turn. Finally, when the crack expanded, the statue broke off its base and smashed onto the ground with a gloriously satisfying crash.

Soon after, I moved onto propaganda towers, then to large projectors playing Ravello’s greatest hits in piazzas. But my crowning achievement came with a large, round oil container and a police station at the bottom of a hill.

The oil container, itself was the size of a small building, was propped up off the ground by six key supports. Using a rifle, I carefully blasted out three supports. I then fired the grappling hooks into the container and latched them onto the ground about halfway down the hill. Slowly, I cranked up the tension.

In mere moments, the container broke free of the other three supports and began sliding towards the other end of the hooks. Once it reached a certain point, however, gravity did the rest of the work. While the container began sliding down the hill, Raiders of the Lost Ark-style, toward the police station, I fired several more rounds into its side, setting off a stream of white-hot flame. The container collided with the station wall, exploding in a blast that nearly took up my entire screen and leaving nothing but charred bodies and rubble in its wake. It was beautiful.

This was not an in-game objective. This was the freedom Just Cause 3 and the tools, specifically the new grappling hook, afforded me. I wondered if I could do something, tried it, and it worked out beautifully in my favor. I was limited only by my imagination and desire to cause wanton destruction. And I get the sense that there are a lot more insane explosion opportunities around Medici, waiting for players to discover them. I, for one, cannot wait.

Just Cause 3 will drop this holiday season for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

The Just Cause series has always tried its best to make getting around in its world just as fun as blowing it up. Rico’s iconic grappling hook allows him to get to places cars and copters can’t easily reach. Using the parachute with the hook lets you gain altitude while covering distance. At the same time, the combination makes Rico a harder target to hit and gives him a unique angle from which he can take out his enemies.

The new wingsuit adds a new wrinkle to how Rico will get around in his home country of Medici. Once Rico reaches certain heights, whether using the parachute or via the numerous flying vehicles in the game, the wingsuit allows Rico to get to almost anywhere on the island quickly  without losing elevation. In some ways, I’m reminded of how Batman gets around in the Arkham games; Rico can dive at great speeds, then pull up at the last instance to increase his time and speed. However, Rico can go farther than Batman can in the Arkham games. Here, it’s closer to actually being able to fly without a vehicle.

The speed and ease with which you can use the wingsuit to get around, though, would’ve made the parachute almost useless. So the parachute and how it works has been completely revamped. While you can still use the parachute to gain some height, it also slows Rico’s descent.

With these new tools, Rico can pull his chute above an area he wants to infiltrate or blow up, tether his grappling hook to the ground and slowly circle above his targets. During my time playing the game, I tried this technique while staging a prison break on top of one of Medici’s hills. Rico lost only minimal height while I shot at the guards and every red cylinder I could see, causing as much chaos and havoc as possible. The parachute slowed by descent so much that I  almost become a mid-air mobile weapons platform. I happily had the height advantage, but didn’t have to worry about losing it until enemy choppers scrambled, at least.

These movement options and changes are just a sample of what designers have done with Just Cause 3. They want to give players as much freedom as possible in Avalanche Studios’ sandbox, all in the name of causing as much destruction as possible. During my extended hands-on, flying through the air and firing rockets at enemies never got old. I can’t wait to do it all again when the game hits store shelves.

Just Cause 3 will drop December 1 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

A new video from Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios shows the team conducting research for future game environments in an area that can’t help but remind us of a certain grappling-hook guru.

While part of their research from their trip to Costa Rica will be used in the studio’s upcoming Mad Max title, such as cloud formations, I don’t imagine Max will be spending too much time in a dense rainforest or on a tropical beach—which, along with their continued support of non-profit organization Toucan Rescue Ranch, was Avalanche’s primary focus for the video.

Enter the possible connection to Rico Rodriguez, protagonist of the Just Cause series, and the fat kid on ABC’s Modern Family. Wait. Ignore that last part.

Rico’s adventures always take place in areas of the world full of rich vegetation and wildlife, and the video, which you can check out below, makes constant reference to what the team was able to do in Just Cause 2’s environments.

The video description even mentions that although Just Cause 2 was a convenient example, “the reference material collected will prove useful in many of our upcoming open world games.” And while this may be true, it’s hard to ignore how the music played throughout the video is also part of the main theme from Just Cause 2.

I still fondly remember playing Just Cause 2 and flying a helicopter up to a blimp, landing it on there, and then parachuting a couple virtual miles down to the island below. When you couple this video with the holiday card sent out by Avalanche Studios last year, I’m sure I speak for many fans of the series when I say we hope this will lead to a much-anticipated sequel announcement.

The studio has expressed interest in doing a third Just Cause game, and Square Enix, who handled distribution of Just Cause 2 and owns the company that handled publishishing, Eidos Interactive (now Square Enix Europe), registered domains for Just Cause 3 and Just Cause 4 in June 2012.